What to Expect

Whether you're here for the first time or on a return visit, we're always glad to have you. During the service, you're free to follow along as much as you are able to, or are comfortable with - and if there is anything else you need, our ushers, who are stationed just outside the doors to the sanctuary, stand ready to help.


What is worship like?

Worship at St. John's tends to be more traditional, following an historic order of service that has remained largely intact since about the third century. In this expression of worship, some parts of the service will change throughout the year, while you'll see others more regularly. What you will find every week, however, is a clear focus on Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, sacrificed for the sins of the whole world.


Is there Communion?

We administer the sacrament of Holy Communion weekly at St. John’s. In addition to offering forgiveness of sins, this practice also binds followers of Christ together as one body. And as Christ’s body, we strive to administer Communion according to his command. Therefore, participation in this sacrament is limited to those within our spiritual fellowship. If you have questions about this practice or would like to learn more, Pastor Reckzin will be happy to talk with you further.

Am I expected to give money?

No. In fact, no one is obligated to give. We do collect offerings during each service that are used to support the work of the church in our community and around the world, but we do not view these gifts as an obligation. Instead, they are a cheerful and generous expression of faith in Jesus Christ.


What about kids?

Kids are always welcome in church. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone in the family, from littlest to oldest, and we think it’s great when kids can participate in the service. If you do have a reason to take them out of church, there is fully furnished Parents’ Room next to the sanctuary entrance that includes:

  • a changing table

  • children’s books and toys

  • a speaker

  • a window to the sanctuary (with curtains if you need privacy)

Will I be put on the spot?

Not at all. While we love having visitors, and some members may say hello, there are no public introductions of new guests.

Are there Bible classes?

Here are the educational opportunities we offer:

Adult Bible Class:

  • Every Sunday, year-round, at 9:15 am in the church basement.

  • We have a great mix of ages in this class that includes people from every season of adult life.

  • Topics vary throughout the year. Our current session is titled Food: A Them Throughout Scripture, exploring how various food tropes throughout Scripture illustrate the spiritual nutrition our souls crave from God’s Word.

Sunday School

  • Every Sunday, between services, from early September to early June.

  • Lower Grades: children between 3K and 3rd grade (in the church basement)

  • Upper Grades: children between 4th and 6th grade (in the multi-purpose room near the sanctuary)

How accessible is your building?

We are currently developing a plan to improve the accessibility of our building, but for now, there are chair lifts available at each set of stairs with plenty of extra hands ready to assist. Bathrooms are located in the basement of the church, down the hall on the east end of the building.

I’m not quite ready to visit yet, but where can I learn more?

No worries. We update our website regularly with news, events, and sermon content, so check back often. And you can follow us on all of our social media pages, too.

What if I’m interested in membership?

If you are interested in becoming a member at St. John’s, please speak with Pastor Reckzin.  He is happy to answer your questions, and, if need be, guide you through some Bible classes. There is no cost or obligation.

Who do I talk to if I have other questions?

Our Contact Page puts you in touch with someone from our leadership. If you happen to be visiting St. John's in person, Pastor Reckzin or anyone on our church council will be happy to address your question, or just get you pointed in the right direction.