Jesus Loves Your Family...More Than You Do!

Pentecost 20 + October 4 & 7, 2018 + Pr. Dale Reckzin

God has established family as a holy institution, but with sinful hearts, even our best efforts to fulfill it fall flat. And how does God respond? He sends his son and turns our weak and frail families into a picture of the perfection that is to come.

Built By God to Endure

175th Anniversary Service + September 30, 2018 + Pr. Mark Schroeder

Humans work hard to build some pretty impressive things, but ultimately, none of them lasts. Much of what people commonly value in churches - buildings, pastors personalities, programs, and so on - is also subject to the same fate. On our 175th anniversary, Pr. Schroeder shares the truly enduring gift with which God always blesses his church.