175th Anniversary Service

Make plans to attend our grand celebration of our 175th anniversary on Sunday, September 30! In addition to a fellowship meal afterwards, we will be happy to welcome our Synod President, Mark Schroeder, as guest preacher.

Site Plan Meeting

On Sunday, April 29, we held our second congregational forum with the Tredo Group. The purpose of this particular meeting was to consider and discuss a range of initial concepts that could be employed as part of a future building project. A number of insightful questions were brought forward and a lot of interesting ideas were talked about. If you were unable to attend this meeting, you can download a copy of the architectural presentation below. The ideas you'll see here are not meant to be fully developed plans; at this point in the process, we are thinking conceptually about how our space and property could be used - and how well these ideas meet our chief goals of convenience, accessibility, and beautification. Any further questions about the meeting or presentation can be directed to Long Range Planning Committee chairman Aaron Lambrecht.

Dowload the Presentation